Keepa Review: Improve your Sales with this Amazing Tool

written on 15/Saturday/02/2020 06:59

To be a successful seller in Amazon, you must know the type of data to consider and use it to your benefit. 

Any experienced seller will most likely tell you the two most significant information to use while making decisions on the products to sell is the Amazon sales rank and the price of the item. As a new seller, you will certainly familiarize yourself with the skills to use the Amazon Seller App to search for items prices and sales rank. Unfortunately, the statistics you get from the seller app is merely a slight part of vital information existing on the platform.

 But you don’t have to worry much because Amazon has an efficient tool known as Keepa. Using the tool, you can find key information that you will use to predict future sales rather than just sales rank and prices of your items.

How can we Define Keepa?

Most people who have not experienced using Keepa don’t know it is a vital tool that tracks the history of different items sales rank and also the prices. By using the tool, a trader on Amazon can view different statistics and information that is displayed on the product page regarding an item. The tool displays automatically on the list page data about the item under its photo.

Moreover, Keepa offers more tools that get used to search, discover, and assess an item. Through Keepa, you can certainly examine top sellers or products according to their categories. It sources the information you need since every moment a user views an item; it collects the information. That has enabled Amazon to have extensive sellers and product lists. Because of its extra ability, Keepa is identified as a data tool that offers insights rather than just showing pricing charts. 

 What type of information to expect from Keepa?

Using keepa, you can search and discover Amazon product data and statistics which entails products' sales rank, fee history, previous offer price, current offer price, and the whole sum of offers. Moreover, it will provide the list of best sellers and most marketable items. Navigating through Amazon using keepa, raises your chances of discovering a high-quality item that will sell quickly and turn out to be more profitable.

Significance of information offered by Keepa

You may have the assumption that the existing sales rank and product price tag is the lone information you want to increase your sales. However, that is not the case since the two factors only mirror the average performance of an item. Keepa enables a seller to discover other factors that make the existing data to reflect poorly regarding the upcoming selling circumstances. Those factors include:

  1. A temporary excessive stream of products
  2. Seasonality
  3. A momentary absence of supply
  4. Variations in Supply of items under competition

When to use keepa chrome extension                       

After knowing that other significant statistics is essential to improve your sales, you can use Keepa chrome extension to:

  1. Analyze price stability and history
  2. Update item prices that are registered on the sales listing
  3. Calculate sales rank average
  4. Know the threat to your profile depending on competitors' offers that are also listed.


Who can benefit from using Keepa?

It is essential to take time and research further regarding Keepa on its website and learn on the perfect way to navigate through the data effectively. The tool was built to be used by all sellers. Both experienced sellers who sell many products each month, and the beginners who want to sell their first item are recommended to use Keepa to increase or find their first sale, respectively.

It is an efficient tool to use to know your items' price and sales rank at the same time using it to discover more data that you might use the values to make an investment decision. Moreover, the tool is the best among different sourcing methods found on Amazon. Keepa can also get used to wholesale, online arbitrage, private tag, and retail arbitrage for different items. It offers help in every aspect of the named prototypes from obtaining an item to its selling.

In Conclusion

As a seller on Amazon, I would advise you to use Keepa since it will assist you in making better decisions. After all, you can get all the information and statistics you need through Keepa.



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