Helium 10 Review – An inquiry into the most effective Amazon optimizers

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Helium 10 is dominant performance software designed to help Amazon FBA sellers amass success in a fiery market. it boasts robust option-laden features. There is no better time to sell on Amazon in 2020 than today thanks to Helium 10. So let’s give a roundup on how it can prime you for resounding success.

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What exactly is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a veritable niche pursuer comprising a suite of sub-tools that help Amazon merchants identify items, monitor adversaries, & measure their own success in the context of key-word analysis.

How is Helium 10 priced?

Helium 10 comprises of a free package in addition to three premium package.

A la carte package starts @ $17 per-month

Platinum package starts @ $97 per-month

Diamond package starts @$197 per-month

List of Helium 10 tools


Users appropriate H10 for brainstorming fresh items. Simply paste the ASIN of an item into Cerebro to start generating keywords that the item rates. Hounding competitor key-terms grants you instant sales.

Exact search volume data

Search data is not generally published by Amazon, and that is why Helium 10 has managed to achieve. Helium 10 extracts & estimates exact search volume data. This is helpful if you want to sort items by search volume, know its potential variants & manufacture a customized branded version of it.


Magnet helps you to extend your key-word lists by picking a list of linked items from the root key-term. Magnet then goes to work making permutations of a log of key-words that are synonymous with your seed-word. The results also come with estimations of the key-words’ Amazon monthly search volume. For instance, for the search query “ facial wipes,” Magnet can generate related phrases like “ facial cleanser wipes,” Neutrogena wipes,” Simple face wipes,’’ etc.


In the search query, “facial wipes,” you may observe that several irrelevant phrase extensions keep popping up like “sensitive” or “toner”. And in order to ensure proper indexation on Amazon, you need to clean up the list of these superfluous key words generated. Simply check the boxes like “Remove duplicates,” “convert to lowercase,” “remove common words,” “add only spaces,” to filter out output settings. With this, an overwhelming original list of 13,000 words may be toned down to 500, which are ultra-relevant & can now be easily managed.


Keeping ahead of the competitors throws Scribbles in the mix. This program helps to trick-out your listing & show us key-terms that have the broadest search volumes. The highest-volume key-terms appear in red color, indicating that they are the most vital and should be applied in appropriate areas. next color of importance is the orange, blue, green, etc. Scribbles efficiently strike off terms that have already been applied for you to determine which ones need to be included in the list.

Black Box

Black Box is one of the FBA tools on Helium 10 that allows the retailer to scan the entire marketplace by utilizing a compendium of filter options. With black box, you can ascertain the minimum or maximum turnover of sales amount for any given item. Some of the filter oprions include: sales year over year, percent rise in sales year over year, price variations, avg. ratings, weight, monthly turnover, best sale timeline, best-sellers rank, variation count, number of active sellers, etc. Black box has the power to scan various Amazon market segments the world over & not just Amazon N. America.

Final note

Helium 10 provides users with razor-sharp information to become one of the movers and shakers in your niche. It is an all-in-one-place FBA suite for item analysis, SEO, price estimations, competitor analysis, keyword analysis etc.


What can Helium 10 be used for?

Helium 10 is package comprise of high-powered item analysis tools for amazon seller to verify product ideas, active key-phrases, list optimization. It helps you to manage your Amazon biz from a single control port.

How can I link my Helium 10 to my professional Amazon Seller profile?

To use H10, you must allow entry to your Amazon account information. Do this on amazon by providing your Amazon seller account number, the H10 developer ID number & follow the prompts.

Is Helium 10 a correct estimator?

H10 is a more accurate data provider than what you tend to find elsewhere.

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