Exciting Ways You Can Make Money On Amazon

written on 25/Tuesday/02/2020 20:21

how to make money with amazon

Amazon is one of the most successful marketplaces on the Internet. The platform is today a multi-billion dollar enterprise that has ended up making Jeff Bezos the richest man on earth today. Nevertheless, Amazon opens its doors to multiple entrepreneurs to make money online. Today, we want to share the secrets on how to make money on Amazon .

  1. Sell Goods on the Platform - Over the years, Amazon has positioned itself as one of the most reliable online shopping stores. Many people would want to buy things online and even have it delivered at their doorsteps. If you have products of your own or from a good distributor, Amazon is the place to sell them. Still, you can join Amazon FBA, search for products that are highly profitable and with less competition, order, list them, and start selling. The good thing is that once you have the product and cannot handle the storage, packaging, and delivery by yourself, then Amazon's FBA chips in to help at a highly manageable cost of the sale. Before starting, do your research, study the product you wish to sell, and maintain an open mind on what you would want to sell.
  2. Publish on Amazon - Before Amazon was something big, it was an online bookstore. To date, Amazon has maintained this section and keeps improving the experience get on the platform regularly. Therefore, you can earn with Amazon by publishing eBooks on Kindle Direct Publishing. All you need is do your research on a highly profitable yet less competitive niche, create a good copy, optimize, and market and start making selling your book on Amazon. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is for the electronic book accessed on Kindle devices, smartphones, and PCs. You can sell the book as a hard copy, also known as a paperback on Amazon's Createspace.
  3. Marketing Products on Amazon - The term for this is Amazon Affiliate Marketing. As a professional, you will be an Amazon Affiliate Associate. This program allows you to earn money on Amazon through referrals. Usually, you will market a particular product, and Amazon will pay you a percentage of the sale for people buying through your referral link. The best way to do this is to have a blog or website, a good youtube channel, or an impressive social media page. The money you can make from referrals is limitless; all you need is to choose a good product in a good niche and start making money on Amazon .
  4. Join Amazon’s Delivery Team - The term for this Amazon opportunity is Amazon Flex. You may have seen some people on plain clothe delivering goods to your house on behalf of Amazon. To join this team, all you need to do is to have a reliable means of transport and a good means of communication. This means a car, a motorbike or bicycle, and a smartphone. To apply, search for Amazon Flex on your search engine, apply, wait for communication, download app, and get started.
  5. Join Amazon’s Mechanical Team - Known as MTurk or Amazon Mechanical Turk, this Amazon opportunity allows you to help Amazon in carrying out some small tasks. Think of it as being able to do what a computer cannot do. All you have to do is to categorize products, do product's image recognition, do data entry, or even help with several transcriptions.
  6. Develop and Sell Applications on Amazon - If you have excellent programming skills, make money selling on Amazon by creating the apps and selling them to consumers on the Amazon marketplace. You are not limited to apps alone. You can also sell an optimized website on Amazon Appstore. To start, visit Your app or website will sell on Amazon Appstore.
  7. Sell Your Professional Skills - If you are a handy person, then Amazon's Selling Services is the best place to start. Services include things such as plumbing, cleaning, and assembling, among other services. There is always a job for anyone on Amazon selling service.

The list of how to make money with Amazon is quite endless. There is something for everyone on the platform. All you need to do is to decide on what you wish to do. Then you can follow the necessary steps on Amazon and start earning some real money. 


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