Amazon Brand Registry – How Does It Work?

written on 11/Tuesday/02/2020 17:15

When it comes to selling your products, your brand plays a huge role in it. But in a large marketplace like Amazon, which has over 300 million business owners and individuals, keeping your brand safe can be a hassle. Visit the IO Scout and find a products to sell on Amazon. Because of this, Amazon introduced what is by far one of its best resources called Amazon Brand Registry.

brand registry on amazon

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry allows brands to protect themselves on Amazon by giving them more control of their products. This allows them to ensure customers interact with their products in the most accurate way possible.

Who Can Sign Up for Amazon Brand Registry?

You can register for an account if you are:

  • A brand owner with a trademark that has been registered.
  • A manufacturer with the brand owner’s express permission to distribute products for them on their behalf on Amazon.
  • A seller with the brand owner’s express permission to sell their products on Amazon.

What Advantages Does Amazon Brand Registry Have?

There are many reasons why you would want to register for Amazon Brand Registry. Many sellers admit that Seller Central leaves a lot to be desired in terms of how much control it gives you over your brand. These are key advantages of using Amazon Brand Registry:

Helps Keep Your Brand Safe

Amazon is a very competitive marketing place that various brands are willing to do whatever it takes to one-up the competition. This includes counterfeiting competitor products, even though they have been trademarked. By reporting these people trying to hijack your products, Amazon will swiftly remove them.

Increases Your Sales

The goal of counterfeiters is to hijack some of your market share. Once the counterfeit products have been removed from the market, you are free to capitalize on the opportunities it presents all by yourself. And you won’t have to worry about sales being low due to counterfeiters tarnishing your reputation with low-quality knock offs.

Provides Access to Useful Search and Reporting Tools

Keeping track of and managing your brand can be difficult when doing it manually. Luckily, Amazon Brand Registry has advanced search and reporting tools that make this a breeze. Is someone trying to hijack your brand and is hiding it in a clever way? Well, you can use the program’s tools to find and report them.

Amazon Brand Registry Application Process?

amazon brand registry requirements

When it comes to being a member of this program, there is no Amazon Brand Registry cost – it’s free! There are basically three steps that need completing if you want to be a member of Amazon Brand Registry. Once completed, Amazon verifies the information. If all checks out, you're in.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: See If You're Eligible

Before going any further with the program, you need to make sure all the requirements have been met. Basically, there are three things need:

  • A trademark that has been registered by your brand.
  • Proof that you are the brand owner or are authorized by the brand to act on their behalf.
  • An Amazon Seller or Vendor account.

Also, be sure to check the requirements of your specific country before you proceed, as there may be some additional requirements you need to meet.

Step 2: Log Into Amazon Brand Registry

Next, log into Amazon Brand Registry with your Seller or Vendor account.

Step 3: Enroll Your Brand

This is the final step where you now have to give information on the brands you wish to enroll. This includes the name of the brand, its government-registered trademark number, product categories and countries where you distribute the products.


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