Helium 10 Review – An inquiry into the most effective Amazon optimizers
03/Tuesday/03/2020 01:10

Helium 10 is dominant performance software designed to help Amazon FBA sellers amass success in a fiery market. it boasts robust option-laden features. There is no better time to sell on Amazon in 2020 than today thanks to Helium 10. So let’s give a roundup on how it can prime you for resounding success.

helium 10 extension

What exactly is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a veritable niche pursuer comprising a suite of sub-tools that help Amazon merchants identify items, monitor adversaries, & measure their own success in the context of key-word analysis.

How is Helium 10 priced?

Helium 10 comprises of a free package in addition to three premium package.

A la carte package starts @ $17 per-month

Platinum package starts @ $97 per-month

Diamond package starts @$197 per-month

List of Helium 10 tools


Users appropriate H10 for brainstorming fresh items. Simply paste the ASIN of an item into Cerebro to start generating keywords that the item rates. Hounding competitor key-terms grants you instant sales.

Exact search volume data

Search data is not generally published by Amazon, and that is why Helium 10 has managed to achieve. Helium 10 extracts & estimates exact search volume data. This is helpful if you want to sort items by search volume, know its potential variants & manufacture a customized branded version of it.


Magnet helps you to extend your key-word lists by picking a list of linked items from the root key-term. Magnet then goes to work making permutations of a log of key-words that are synonymous with your seed-word. The results also come with estimations of the key-words’ Amazon monthly search volume. For instance, for the search query “ facial wipes,” Magnet can generate related phrases like “ facial cleanser wipes,” Neutrogena wipes,” Simple face wipes,’’ etc.


In the search query, “facial wipes,” you may observe that several irrelevant phrase extensions keep popping up like “sensitive” or “toner”. And in order to ensure proper indexation on Amazon, you need to clean up the list of these superfluous key words generated. Simply check the boxes like “Remove duplicates,” “convert to lowercase,” “remove common words,” “add only spaces,” to filter out output settings. With this, an overwhelming original list of 13,000 words may be toned down to 500, which are ultra-relevant & can now be easily managed.


Keeping ahead of the competitors throws Scribbles in the mix. This program helps to trick-out your listing & show us key-terms that have the broadest search volumes. The highest-volume key-terms appear in red color, indicating that they are the most vital and should be applied in appropriate areas. next color of importance is the orange, blue, green, etc. Scribbles efficiently strike off terms that have already been applied for you to determine which ones need to be included in the list.

Black Box

Black Box is one of the FBA tools on Helium 10 that allows the retailer to scan the entire marketplace by utilizing a compendium of filter options. With black box, you can ascertain the minimum or maximum turnover of sales amount for any given item. Some of the filter oprions include: sales year over year, percent rise in sales year over year, price variations, avg. ratings, weight, monthly turnover, best sale timeline, best-sellers rank, variation count, number of active sellers, etc. Black box has the power to scan various Amazon market segments the world over & not just Amazon N. America.

Final note

Helium 10 provides users with razor-sharp information to become one of the movers and shakers in your niche. It is an all-in-one-place FBA suite for item analysis, SEO, price estimations, competitor analysis, keyword analysis etc.


What can Helium 10 be used for?

Helium 10 is package comprise of high-powered item analysis tools for amazon seller to verify product ideas, active key-phrases, list optimization. It helps you to manage your Amazon biz from a single control port.

How can I link my Helium 10 to my professional Amazon Seller profile?

To use H10, you must allow entry to your Amazon account information. Do this on amazon by providing your Amazon seller account number, the H10 developer ID number & follow the prompts.

Is Helium 10 a correct estimator?

H10 is a more accurate data provider than what you tend to find elsewhere.

Meta description: want to know all the fancy tools that Helium 10 contains? Read this piece to learn exactly how to turn Helium 10 into a money-spinning engine.

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How to sell books on Amazon - an Ultimate Guide
28/Friday/02/2020 11:28

Amazon is vast, the world is even more extensive, and the number of books purchased via Amazon is vast like the Sahara. In this guide, we are going to tell you some essential information about how to start, how to source the books you would like to sell on Amazon.

Sell Books on Amazon

The reasons why people end up selling books on Amazon

Why would any sane person even consider selling books on Amazon? There is money to make with it. Not much, not at first, but if you get a stable foothold, you could make some cold hard cash from it. Selling used books on Amazon is a low-risk and, at first, a low-gain procedure, but it’s worth a shot. To make the most out of it, you must keep it simple: start with selling your good-quality used books you don’t need. So, the reasons are:

  1. Low risk
  2. Good ROI if done smartly
  3. Reputation gain
  4. Capital collecting before launching your product

Sourcing books

To sell used books on Amazon, you have to get some first (in the rare case you have none). In case you already have listings, keeping an inventory checked is a great idea. So, here are some ideas about how to sell books on Amazon, and where to find them!

  1. Your own home, and your relatives/friends: look around, ask your friends
  2. Yard sales, flea market, storage auctions
  3. Buying in bulks online (eBay, craigslist, etc.)
  4. Library sale-outs

How to…

How to sell books on Amazon - How to get started

The first step is to join Amazon as a seller. Visit the site, go through the registration process, and choose a plan. For beginners, the Individual method is recommended: the fee is $0.99 per sold book.

sell books to amazon

Find out what sells

At first, aim for the middle-ranking books, which may take a longer time to sell, but the competition is lower, and the demand changes now and then. Best-selling books have way too much competition.

Selling a book that’s already listed is also quite easy, check the ISBN of the book you wish to trade.

Calculate the potential profits

You have to be aware of how much you could earn from a book sold on Amazon, and what price you should aim for. The fees you must calculate with are:

  • Individual sellers’ fee: $0.99 per book
  • Amazon Variable Closing fee: $1.80 per book
  • Amazon’s Referral fees: $1.50 per book

With IO Scout FBA calculator : costs of storage, shipping, packaging your books: cc. $4-5 per book.

All in all, if you sell books yourself, there is circa $4.30 per book expenses (plus package and shipping), while with FBA, the fees stop at about $10 per book. Considering that books usually sell best in the $12-15 range, yielding about $2-5$ actual profit. Yet, it’s still worth it in the long run.

Create your listing

There are numerous tutorials on how to set up your listings on Amazon so that we won’t go into details about this. There is one important rule: be honest about the condition of the books you sell.

Pack and ship

Be careful and thorough when packaging your books: try to use extra protection for the corners and the spine. Consider using a shipping option that has tracking and is affordable to you.


What is the best price to sell books on Amazon?

There are two things to consider:

  1. Fees
  2. Competition

When it comes down to calculating your profit, you have to consider the costs. For example, if you use FBA, you’ll have to pay for the initial shipping (to the fulfillment center), the flat $0.99 / item fee if you are an individual seller, along with the referral fees, the FBA fees, and the variable closing fee. And you haven’t even billed your time spent with labeling, printing, researching.

To have a chance of selling, you have to see how much others are asking for the same book edition you have. If you are lucky enough, you can sell the book for a price that eventually makes you some profit.

Can I sell books on Amazon for free ?

No, you can’t. As an individual seller, you have to pay the $0.99/item price for each book you’ve sold. Using FBA sets you back with even more, so you might consider handling packaging and shipping yourself.

Can you sell books back on Amazon?

Well, we would say, “Yes, but no.”. Amazon won’t buy back books; however, there is a trade-in program, which allows users to trade in different items for Amazon Gift cards.

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Exciting Ways You Can Make Money On Amazon
25/Tuesday/02/2020 20:21

how to make money with amazon

Amazon is one of the most successful marketplaces on the Internet. The platform is today a multi-billion dollar enterprise that has ended up making Jeff Bezos the richest man on earth today. Nevertheless, Amazon opens its doors to multiple entrepreneurs to make money online. Today, we want to share the secrets on how to make money on Amazon .

  1. Sell Goods on the Platform - Over the years, Amazon has positioned itself as one of the most reliable online shopping stores. Many people would want to buy things online and even have it delivered at their doorsteps. If you have products of your own or from a good distributor, Amazon is the place to sell them. Still, you can join Amazon FBA, search for products that are highly profitable and with less competition, order, list them, and start selling. The good thing is that once you have the product and cannot handle the storage, packaging, and delivery by yourself, then Amazon's FBA chips in to help at a highly manageable cost of the sale. Before starting, do your research, study the product you wish to sell, and maintain an open mind on what you would want to sell.
  2. Publish on Amazon - Before Amazon was something big, it was an online bookstore. To date, Amazon has maintained this section and keeps improving the experience get on the platform regularly. Therefore, you can earn with Amazon by publishing eBooks on Kindle Direct Publishing. All you need is do your research on a highly profitable yet less competitive niche, create a good copy, optimize, and market and start making selling your book on Amazon. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is for the electronic book accessed on Kindle devices, smartphones, and PCs. You can sell the book as a hard copy, also known as a paperback on Amazon's Createspace.
  3. Marketing Products on Amazon - The term for this is Amazon Affiliate Marketing. As a professional, you will be an Amazon Affiliate Associate. This program allows you to earn money on Amazon through referrals. Usually, you will market a particular product, and Amazon will pay you a percentage of the sale for people buying through your referral link. The best way to do this is to have a blog or website, a good youtube channel, or an impressive social media page. The money you can make from referrals is limitless; all you need is to choose a good product in a good niche and start making money on Amazon .
  4. Join Amazon’s Delivery Team - The term for this Amazon opportunity is Amazon Flex. You may have seen some people on plain clothe delivering goods to your house on behalf of Amazon. To join this team, all you need to do is to have a reliable means of transport and a good means of communication. This means a car, a motorbike or bicycle, and a smartphone. To apply, search for Amazon Flex on your search engine, apply, wait for communication, download app, and get started.
  5. Join Amazon’s Mechanical Team - Known as MTurk or Amazon Mechanical Turk, this Amazon opportunity allows you to help Amazon in carrying out some small tasks. Think of it as being able to do what a computer cannot do. All you have to do is to categorize products, do product's image recognition, do data entry, or even help with several transcriptions.
  6. Develop and Sell Applications on Amazon - If you have excellent programming skills, make money selling on Amazon by creating the apps and selling them to consumers on the Amazon marketplace. You are not limited to apps alone. You can also sell an optimized website on Amazon Appstore. To start, visit Your app or website will sell on Amazon Appstore.
  7. Sell Your Professional Skills - If you are a handy person, then Amazon's Selling Services is the best place to start. Services include things such as plumbing, cleaning, and assembling, among other services. There is always a job for anyone on Amazon selling service.

The list of how to make money with Amazon is quite endless. There is something for everyone on the platform. All you need to do is to decide on what you wish to do. Then you can follow the necessary steps on Amazon and start earning some real money. 

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Keepa Review: Improve your Sales with this Amazing Tool
15/Saturday/02/2020 06:59

To be a successful seller in Amazon, you must know the type of data to consider and use it to your benefit. 

Any experienced seller will most likely tell you the two most significant information to use while making decisions on the products to sell is the Amazon sales rank and the price of the item. As a new seller, you will certainly familiarize yourself with the skills to use the Amazon Seller App to search for items prices and sales rank. Unfortunately, the statistics you get from the seller app is merely a slight part of vital information existing on the platform.

 But you don’t have to worry much because Amazon has an efficient tool known as Keepa. Using the tool, you can find key information that you will use to predict future sales rather than just sales rank and prices of your items.

How can we Define Keepa?

Most people who have not experienced using Keepa don’t know it is a vital tool that tracks the history of different items sales rank and also the prices. By using the tool, a trader on Amazon can view different statistics and information that is displayed on the product page regarding an item. The tool displays automatically on the list page data about the item under its photo.

Moreover, Keepa offers more tools that get used to search, discover, and assess an item. Through Keepa, you can certainly examine top sellers or products according to their categories. It sources the information you need since every moment a user views an item; it collects the information. That has enabled Amazon to have extensive sellers and product lists. Because of its extra ability, Keepa is identified as a data tool that offers insights rather than just showing pricing charts. 

 What type of information to expect from Keepa?

Using keepa, you can search and discover Amazon product data and statistics which entails products' sales rank, fee history, previous offer price, current offer price, and the whole sum of offers. Moreover, it will provide the list of best sellers and most marketable items. Navigating through Amazon using keepa, raises your chances of discovering a high-quality item that will sell quickly and turn out to be more profitable.

Significance of information offered by Keepa

You may have the assumption that the existing sales rank and product price tag is the lone information you want to increase your sales. However, that is not the case since the two factors only mirror the average performance of an item. Keepa enables a seller to discover other factors that make the existing data to reflect poorly regarding the upcoming selling circumstances. Those factors include:

  1. A temporary excessive stream of products
  2. Seasonality
  3. A momentary absence of supply
  4. Variations in Supply of items under competition

When to use keepa chrome extension                       

After knowing that other significant statistics is essential to improve your sales, you can use Keepa chrome extension to:

  1. Analyze price stability and history
  2. Update item prices that are registered on the sales listing
  3. Calculate sales rank average
  4. Know the threat to your profile depending on competitors' offers that are also listed.


Who can benefit from using Keepa?

It is essential to take time and research further regarding Keepa on its website and learn on the perfect way to navigate through the data effectively. The tool was built to be used by all sellers. Both experienced sellers who sell many products each month, and the beginners who want to sell their first item are recommended to use Keepa to increase or find their first sale, respectively.

It is an efficient tool to use to know your items' price and sales rank at the same time using it to discover more data that you might use the values to make an investment decision. Moreover, the tool is the best among different sourcing methods found on Amazon. Keepa can also get used to wholesale, online arbitrage, private tag, and retail arbitrage for different items. It offers help in every aspect of the named prototypes from obtaining an item to its selling.

In Conclusion

As a seller on Amazon, I would advise you to use Keepa since it will assist you in making better decisions. After all, you can get all the information and statistics you need through Keepa.


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Amazon Brand Registry – How Does It Work?
11/Tuesday/02/2020 17:15

When it comes to selling your products, your brand plays a huge role in it. But in a large marketplace like Amazon, which has over 300 million business owners and individuals, keeping your brand safe can be a hassle. Visit the IO Scout and find a products to sell on Amazon. Because of this, Amazon introduced what is by far one of its best resources called Amazon Brand Registry.

brand registry on amazon

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry allows brands to protect themselves on Amazon by giving them more control of their products. This allows them to ensure customers interact with their products in the most accurate way possible.

Who Can Sign Up for Amazon Brand Registry?

You can register for an account if you are:

  • A brand owner with a trademark that has been registered.
  • A manufacturer with the brand owner’s express permission to distribute products for them on their behalf on Amazon.
  • A seller with the brand owner’s express permission to sell their products on Amazon.

What Advantages Does Amazon Brand Registry Have?

There are many reasons why you would want to register for Amazon Brand Registry. Many sellers admit that Seller Central leaves a lot to be desired in terms of how much control it gives you over your brand. These are key advantages of using Amazon Brand Registry:

Helps Keep Your Brand Safe

Amazon is a very competitive marketing place that various brands are willing to do whatever it takes to one-up the competition. This includes counterfeiting competitor products, even though they have been trademarked. By reporting these people trying to hijack your products, Amazon will swiftly remove them.

Increases Your Sales

The goal of counterfeiters is to hijack some of your market share. Once the counterfeit products have been removed from the market, you are free to capitalize on the opportunities it presents all by yourself. And you won’t have to worry about sales being low due to counterfeiters tarnishing your reputation with low-quality knock offs.

Provides Access to Useful Search and Reporting Tools

Keeping track of and managing your brand can be difficult when doing it manually. Luckily, Amazon Brand Registry has advanced search and reporting tools that make this a breeze. Is someone trying to hijack your brand and is hiding it in a clever way? Well, you can use the program’s tools to find and report them.

Amazon Brand Registry Application Process?

amazon brand registry requirements

When it comes to being a member of this program, there is no Amazon Brand Registry cost – it’s free! There are basically three steps that need completing if you want to be a member of Amazon Brand Registry. Once completed, Amazon verifies the information. If all checks out, you're in.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: See If You're Eligible

Before going any further with the program, you need to make sure all the requirements have been met. Basically, there are three things need:

  • A trademark that has been registered by your brand.
  • Proof that you are the brand owner or are authorized by the brand to act on their behalf.
  • An Amazon Seller or Vendor account.

Also, be sure to check the requirements of your specific country before you proceed, as there may be some additional requirements you need to meet.

Step 2: Log Into Amazon Brand Registry

Next, log into Amazon Brand Registry with your Seller or Vendor account.

Step 3: Enroll Your Brand

This is the final step where you now have to give information on the brands you wish to enroll. This includes the name of the brand, its government-registered trademark number, product categories and countries where you distribute the products.

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